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About us

The brand Eotton® was created in Canada by an Asian- Canadian family.

Their passion for fine textiles and extensive experience in the fashion industry led to creating a brand for babies and toddlers that is pure and high quality, promoting love, sustainability and charity in the world.

Minimalist design and luxurious fabrics are what make Eotton different.  Not only will the clothes last, they are also ultra soft and comfortable.  They will nurture your baby and toddler from their first steps up to pre-school.



One of the core values of the brand is “Only the best for your baby”.  All clothes and toys are produced to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Oeko-Tex 100 standard.  Tested in Japan, Eotton clothes were confirmed to follow the highest standards of purity and sustainability of production.

The core Classic collection is made only of undyed cotton using the cotton colour itself as it appears in nature.  It ranges from natural white to light brown in colour.  Other collections sometimes include a touch of organic water based dyes.

Our clothes and toys are as pure as it gets.  There are no harmful dyes or bleach used in production.  Newborns and premature babies are especially sensitive to their environment.  You can be confident that our products are safe for your children.



Eotton Canada Inc

Address: 18-24455-61Ave Langley BC V2Y 0R4 Canada

E-mail: david@eotton.com


FB: EottonCanadaInc